Sheldon Field

Cropwell Butler

Community Playing Field

The Sheldon Field is a community playing field and wildlife area, controlled by the Sheldon Field Management Committee, a charitable trust in the hands of an elected body of local people.

The late David Shaw was responsible for overseeing the acquisition of the field from the Oldfield family by The National Playing Fields Association.

It is now known as Fields in Trust, in 1999. From very humble beginnings, there is now a much-used cricket pitch and practice net and a small pavilion with changing facilities and a kitchen. There is an interesting cricket score board with enclosed seating of some vintage.

The wildlife areas of the field incorporate a preserved area of ridge and furrow, numerous varieties of trees with an attractive maintained walk around the perimeter.

Additionally the Sheldon Field Committee organises occasional village events to mark its involvement in community activities of which Bonfire Night is a great attraction.

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