Cropwell Butler & Tythby Village Hall News, June 2019

New Members

If anyone would like to participate as a member of the Village Hall Committee, please contact the Newsletter (see Editor Notes above) or Mike Jones, the Committee Chairman. Meetings are monthly on the first Monday of the month at 7:30 pm and are about an hour long. You do not have to shoulder a great responsibility and the meetings are friendly, relaxed affairs. It’s always good to get a new perspective on things we discuss or propose for the Hall. And of course, you get first dibs on Quiz Night and Xmas Dinner tickets.
Use of the Defibrillator The defibrillator located in the old red telephone box on Main street outside the Village Hall can be used by anyone. You need first to call 999. The NHS will give you a keycode that will unlock the defibrillator secure cupboard. Instructions are included with the device.

Open Gardens

On 30th June we shall put on another Open Gardens, the first by the Village Hall Committee since 2016, although since then we have seen wonderful specialist gardens in the highly respected National Gardens Scheme. So, does that suggest our Open Gardens doesn’t have specialist gardens of the highest standard? Certainly not but ours is a carefree, happy, relaxed affair where we offer not only gardens to view and perhaps sit in, but where we welcome advice, questions and a chance to share whatever it is that you like or dislike.
We shall have old gardens and new ones, large gardens and smaller cottagey gardens, formal and even perhaps delightfully haphazard gardens, and a fine new garden in front of the village hall. And all these will be within easy walking distance around our lovely Nottinghamshire village.

We shall serve refreshments including cream teas from a newly modelled village hall with an opportunity to sit outside in relaxed contentment far from the busyness of everyday life. There will be a display of artwork, a plant stall, and an opportunity to look at photographs from earlier years in the village in the cool of the Victorian chapel. We ask visitors to pay £5 each but not if you are 16 or under.
This year we have improved parking arrangements (courtesy the Sheldon Field committee) which should mean the roads around the village will be less encumbered with vehicles, or rather that’s the plan. Many of Cropwell Butler’s villagers have been here many years and know our community well. Nevertheless, you may wish to see behind a few of the newer properties and see the ever-changing face of the village. A fine day is all we need.

The Annual Quiz

The Annual Quiz was held on its revised date of 11th May. The earlier mid–March date had to be abandoned because there had been a clash of events and also others had been on holiday, possibly abroad and possibly before Europe becomes a foreign place where we may have to queue to be allowed in, sadly. We had rather wondered if the Quiz might have lost its gloss but on the revised date no fewer than 93 people turned up and answered some of the questions, ate a lovely supper and made a lot of noise. The Quiz goes marching on, to the usual rousing tune.

50/50 Draws

The winners of the lottery this month were 1st prize £25, Mr and Mrs Mulligan, 2nd prize £20, Michelle Stevenson, 3rd prize £15, Arthur Swann, and 4th prize £10, Caitlin Orr. This is the first draw of 2019/20 and the show goes on (we never closed!) with another bumper year.