Village Hall

Cropwell Butler

Cropwell Butler and Tythby Village Hall

The village hall is situated on Main Street Cropwell Butler and exists for the benefit of the people of the village and the small hamlet of Tythby.  It is available for a wide range of public and private events, both for villagers and for non- residents.

The hall is set in its own grounds and within a wider area comprising an attractive front lawn, a carpark and a children’s playground.  Beyond is the Sheldon Field and access to village footpaths.

Above is the external view of the village hall with its entrance from the railed ramp. Beyond is the car park adjoining the children’s playground.

Above is a photo showing the west elevation of the hall looking from Main street. It shows in the centre the smaller meeting room with its access to the large patio area. The recently landscaped village garden is in the foreground.

Functions and Events

The Village Hall is ideal for a variety of purposes. These include social parties (for adults and children), receptions, wedding or similar celebrations, lunches, buffet or cooked, tea, coffee and light refreshments, meetings, conferences, educational seminars, society meetings, dancing, keep-fit and other indoor sport, or any other public or private events which comply with the modest restrictions of use of the hall (the detail of which is given under Booking Arrangements).

The hall has music and performing rights approvals for which it pays annual fees, and these apply to all users of the hall, subject only to the stipulated conditions.

Village Hall Information Pages

  • History - The history of the village hall.
  • Facilities - Internal accommodation and principal facilities.
  • Bookings - Arrangements for hire of the hall in part or in whole.
  • Governance - The Constitution and Management Committee and the means of care of the hall, current activities, a future calendar of events and records of the committee’s work.
  • Health & Safety - Formal Health and Safety arrangements.


Village Hall News

Village Hall Info

To enquire about availability and to book the Hall,  please contact:

Booking Secretary:
Anne Woodcock

Phone: 0115 9334256
Mobile: 07500180387
Email: anne.c.woodcock