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Health and Safety is a priority for the Village Hall Committee. The intention is to conform to current legislation and therefore the principles and practice adopted are to a recognised and accepted standard. Standard practice is set out by the Health and Safety Executive and the Committee will continue to follow its procedures. These are,

  • Establish a Health and Safety Policy
  • State how the policy is put into practice
  • Monitor and update the policy and practices as circumstances dictate.

Statement of Policy

Our policy is to provide healthy and safe working conditions, equipment and systems of work for our employees, volunteers, members, contractors and users of the village hall and to provide such training and information as are necessary.

We accept responsibility for all other people who may be affected by our activities. It is the intention of the Village Hall Committee to comply with all Health and Safety legislation and to prevent injury, ill health or danger or loss arising from its activities.

The committee stresses the importance of promoting a committed attitude of mind to safety. This applies equally to employees, visitors and users of the hall and its facilities and everyone has a duty to exercise self-discipline and care for themselves and others.

Putting the Policy into Practice

The Committee will:

  • Carry out a risk assessment and review it on an as-needed basis.
  • Provide and maintain a safe working environment.
  • Provide instruction where required.
  • Ensure that standard fire precaution, fire extinguishers, insurance cover, gas safety, electrical protection, smoke detection, emergency lighting, first aid equipment and evacuation procedures are all maintained.

The committee will maintain a register of all procedures and protection which are in force and will maintain an Accident Record Book for the Village Hall.

Employees, Hirers and Users

Of concern is the need to ensure that all users of the village hall are aware of and involved in health and safety. It is the responsibility of contractors, employees, hirers and visitors to take care of themselves and others affected by their activities, and to co-operate in creating a healthy and safe environment.
Any problem which appears to present a Health and Safety concern should be reported to the Responsible Person.

The Form of Hiring (and the letting of contracts) for use of the village hall contains a summary of this Policy Statement. Hirers, contractors and the like are assumed to have read the Policy Statement and accepted their responsibilities for health and safety when occupying the village hall.

Awareness of Arrangements for Maintaining Safety and Health

A copy of the detailed arrangements for maintaining Safety and Health is posted in the entrance to the kitchen, where all formal notices are displayed. The master copy is kept by the Responsible Person and may be modified from time to time. Any hirer, employee, contractor, or user is entitled to inspect the Master Copy at any reasonable time.

This statement is dated March 2016.

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