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History of the Village Hall

Village School into Village Hall

From Village School to Village Hall

The red brick Edwardian school was built in 1909 to provide primary education for children from the village. The school comprised three main classrooms (the larger room divided in two), for 5-7 year olds, 7-9, and 10-15.

The rooms had fairly rudimentary heating by coal fired stoves and lavatories were across the yard with all the attendant problems of frozen and burst pipes in cold weather. Taught together in the classrooms, the girls and boys were segregated in the playground. In 1968, against some local opposition, the school was closed and the younger children went to Cropwell Bishop and the older ones to Bingham.

The picture above shows the old school as it is being transformed to the new hall, with the old wooden hall occupying the frontage to Main Street.

Wooden Village Hall

Above, the wooden Village Hall, created by the efforts of the village and erected in 1929, this building was a source of great pride in more difficult times. The new hall from the old school has similarly been a great asset to the community since 1971.

Village Harvest Festival

Again the old wooden hall, this time with row upon row of supper-goers at what may have been harvest festival, either just before or after the second world war. Their Constitution may have been different but doubtless their committees fulfilled the same tasks.

The Village Wooden Hall

The Village Hall There has been a village hall in Cropwell Butler since at least 1929 when a large wooden hall was erected on what is now the front lawn. In a deed dated 27th May, 1971 the closed school was sold to the inhabitants of the village for £1,500 “raised by voluntary contributions upon trust for the provision and maintenance of a village hall”.

The ownership of the village hall is vested in the Parish Council as Custodian Trustee of the Charity on behalf of the people. The schedule attached to the conveyance detailed the creation of a Committee to manage the village hall, the committee members to be the Charity Trustees.

1971 to Present Day

From 1971 to 2016 The hall was almost immediately altered to provide a stage, dressing room, small kitchen and adequate toilets so that the whole project cost about £6,500 for which a grant was obtained. Since then the hall has prospered.

Each succeeding generation has cared for what is one of only perhaps three village institutions (the others being the Churches, and the Sheldon Field) which are provided for the use of everyone in Cropwell Butler.

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